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Restore POC (Also known as Level 4 Orthotics and Prosthetics)

6760 Alexander Bell Drive
Suite 150

Columbia, MD 21046 410-290-0772 410-290-0772



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RESTORE POC clinicians are certified and licensed orthotic professionals who specialize in the treatment of infants with head deformities. Effective treatment is not just about fitting the orthosis, it also requires consistent follow-up and ongoing adjustments throughout the care program to ensure the orthosis continues to fit and function as the child grows. RESTORE POC clinicians are specially trained to modify the STARband during treatment to effectively capture and direct natural skull growth. Our clinical protocols are designed to produce the best outcomes for each patient, and we use the CHOA and Argenta clinical classification scales to determine treatment necessity. These cranial scales are well-established as reliable and repeatable for determining severity, identifying the need for a cranial remolding orthosis, and for tracking improvements over time with appropriate treatment. Depending on age, severity and a variety of other factors, we will formulate a clinically appropriate treatment plan to address the specific needs of each patient. Treatment options include directed repositioning, increased tummy time, initiation of physical therapy, and/or cranial remolding treatment with a STARband orthosis.

Our reputation is one of clinical excellence. Advanced training and clinical education results in optimal outcomes for our patients. With a long-standing history of shorter and more effective treatment programs, we are a preferred post-operative orthosis provider for neurosurgeons and plastic surgeons across the East Coast and Texas.

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